A Conversation With ... Cameron Toth | Toth Event Staffing

Toth Event Staffing was founded in 2011 and provides staff to caterers, cafeterias, and catering departments in Westchester County, Fairfield County, and NYC. Cameron talks about what sets his staffing company apart from others and also the gaps he found in his business model when the pandemic shut live events down. Cameron is also the founder and host of the online show Biz Dev Live, which airs Monday-Friday at 11a.m. EST on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Just listen to the theme song of the show and you’ll get a glimpse of the fast-paced, energetic, educational, and interactive show to follow! During the interview, Cameron shared what he’s learned from the process of creating and growing his show online over the past 18 months. Cameron’s goal for the show is to educate and share his experiences as an entrepreneur. Cameron is also the co-host on the show Master Connection Series w/Steve Spiro on Fridays at 2pm EST on LinkedIn Live.

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