A Conversation With...Lucas Margulis

A Conversation With…Lucas Margulis, founder of High Bar Hospitality & Event Group in Canada. When cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, Lucas had everything in place for his new business, High Bar Hospitality & Event Group, to launch. Within the first week of cannabis being legalized, they had their first event! High Bar’s employees are “certified budtenders” and “cannabis sommeliers”, and do more than just serve. First of all, they do not sell cannabis. They are a Luxury Mobile Cannabis Bar and they serve cannabis that is purchased legally by their client to their client’s guests. They guide, educate, and curate an experience. Listen to this interview and get inspired by Lucas’s energy and knowledge, and hear his argument for including a cannabis bar alongside a traditional bar at your events.

Lucas is also the founder of Pure Entertainment and Audio/Visual.

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