It is essential to work out many different corporate event ideas to host an impressive, outstanding, unforgettable, and successful event.
Darryl Scotti

Darryl Scotti

CEO and Founding Director

Location: Fremont, CA

The Great Event By Darryl Scotti Events – A Bay Area Event Planner & Party Planning Company is an award-winning event planning company powered by Darryl Scotti Events located in the greater Northern California Bay Area since 1987.

TGE by DSE, Inc. is the only Diamond Certified Bay Area event planning/party planner service provider in California rated highest in customer loyalty, satisfaction, and service.

We work with Silicon Valley’s Fortune 100 including mid to large-sized companies in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, Palo Alto, Concord, and other Bay Area cities as well as National Associations and private social gatherings.

At TGE by DSE, your special events and party planning needs are the only focus. An experienced team of event professionals stand by prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals for all Northern California Bay Area cities from San Jose to Sacramento including San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Oakland.

Here you’ll gain access to over 28 years in event planning experience. Experience you can trust in. See why year after year, our valued customers have entrusted The Great Event by Darryl Scotti Events, a proven award-winning event planning company of professional corporate event planners since 1987.

How long has your company been producing events? What is your main focus?


Corporate Event Planning and special event services

What do you enjoy most about your role in corporate event planning?

Creative and mentorship

How do you keep up with the constant change in the industry?

Trades and Trends

How do you mix the current trends with the traditional to create a meeting that is engaging and informative?

Creatively anticipating the mindset of a contemporary corporate audience

Do you have any advice for a company having a hard time choosing a theme? Is a theme necessary?

According to Forbes, the success of a company depends a great deal on positive employee morale and employee retention. Every company needs to make sure that their employees are satisfied with their jobs and their supervisors if they want to succeed in a cutthroat corporate world.

Before choosing the theme, though, you must consider the purpose of the event, the attendees, and the venue.

Here are ways to choose a theme:

What are some ways to personalize a corporate event?

When planning an event, it’s imperative that company leaders and event planners work in unison to make it more inclusive for all employees.

Co-workers, inclusivity, and diversity go hand in hand in most progressive workplaces in the United States. Some of the biggest organizations in Silicon Valley practice new and improved strategies to promote diversity in their hiring and recruitment process.

Here’s how you can make your company event more inclusive:

What do you see as the corporate event industry’s greatest challenge, currently?

To provide safe and effective socialization:

How do you leverage event technology and what would you consider the biggest game-changer?

Today virtual ‘Hybrid’ events will be the bridge. Here’s an example:

Have you used Gamification in your events? If yes, how was it received?

What is your favorite city for events and why?

Our four is the entire Bay Area Market place for its diverse corporate population.

What are some practices to follow that will help you to create the Wow factor that attendees seek with a limited budget?

There are many decisions that go into planning a corporate event for your company, from searching the right venue and determining the perfect menu to deciding the theme and planning activities of the event. Planning these essential details of a corporate event is not easy and if you don’t pay attention to the details, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare.

Sustainability is a current movement that can be challenging for large events. What is your approach?

A few years ago, many companies stopped hiring professional event planners for corporate events and laid the responsibility of event planning on volunteer committees. The companies thought that they’d be able to save money by not working with a third party for organizing events, but this, in many cases didn’t work.

How do you measure the success of an event?

When it comes to corporate event planning, a lot is required as everyone wants to make their event stand out. It is essential to work out many different corporate event ideas to host an impressive, outstanding, unforgettable, and successful event.

Trends That Are Revolutionizing Corporate Events

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