If large floral arrangements are not in the budget, mixed bud vases are a perfect answer to that.

Lisa Formaro


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Willow Jaymes Events believe in events with a story, in a love story that lasts a lifetime.

The relationship I have with clients is built on trust and hearing every desire, need and want. “The big picture is styled from the small details creating the event of your dreams.” Together, we will walk through every decision while keeping your big-picture dream a reality.

What are some tips for creating an elegant and memorable event on a tight budget?

Greenery and Candles are so beautiful together. They create a warm and lush look to any table, room, and event. We use a lot of greenery and natural elements in our designs. If large floral arrangements are not in the budget, mixed bud vases are a perfect answer to that. Mixed greenery can be used in several of the bud vases, adding a bud to just a couple gives an elegant feel to your event decor.

If you had unlimited resources, what would your dream client and event look like?

A client is completely open to design as a bit off the ordinary in a beautiful, elegant way. An outdoor venue filled with farm tables and floral garlands draping the tables. Candles of all shapes and sizes glowing. Cocktail tables with soft flowing linens. Oversized decor elements surrounding the venue and beautiful lounge seating creating a comfortable place for guests to be treated to a truly stunning evening. I have found that the more natural elements we use in design brings a soft airy and romantic mood for the guests.

How important are your relationships with vendors and what are some ways that you successfully cultivate and ensure good rapport?

Relationships with vendors are one of the MOST important aspects of our business. Treating them and their time with the utmost respect is the only way to work together. As a designer and planner, many times I refer to and get hired by the vendors I know will give my clients the very best service. Sometimes, a bride & groom hires someone they have already decided upon. In either case, we become a team and we have to allow each other to use our creative talents, as we are all there to bring together a vision and an experience for our client.

What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

We are not only growing in the wedding industry at this time but we are also moving into luxury corporate brand events. My team thrives on the opportunity to create unique experiences for our clients. With each event, we take the vision of our client and begin designing an ideal & memorable occasion for their guests.
With this growth and direction, it is rewarding for me both personally & professionally. As a creative designer, our hearts go into the design and execution of each opportunity to bring our inspiration to life.

What inspired you to launch your own company in the event industry? How long did it take from initially having the idea of setting up and starting to attract a client base?

I was already in the wedding business. Styling both wedding welcome boxes, bridal party gift baskets, and specialty tables to entertain guests at parties, showers & receptions. I liked the challenge of bringing the pieces together in this area to be a cohesive part of the big picture of the main event. I realized after a few years, I would like to be a part of the event design from the start. I worked a large part of 2016 with other wedding planners to study the process before I launched in 2017. I had clients within a few months. A mix of day & month of coordination sprinkled with full planning & design. My heart gravitated to full planning, design & coordination because I most efficiently serve my client by taking over all of this. Although we make all decisions together, it helps me take the stress out of it for them and allow them to enjoy the planning process.

Lisa Formaro
Author: Lisa Formaro

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