A successful event begins with the relationship from the outset, allowing us to develop a compelling statement related to their event.
Marsha Brumer

Marsha Brumer

Owner/Event Producer

Location: Montreal, Quebec

When it comes time to assemble the elements for any styled event – logistics, creativity, and trust to research – the right people are essential. With over 23 years of experience in the Montreal event scene, Marsha has been dedicated to her clients, listening closely to their needs, using the appropriate vendors to develop a harmonious experience.

Create-Innovate-Celebrate is our motto and have implicated this in our event management application. Perfectly bilingual, Marsha has also worked alongside other Event Producers across North America to assist them in their Montreal events providing seamless execution.

How do you keep up with the constant change in the industry?

As of March 2020, the event industry came to a halt. Worldwide, networking opportunities have almost become nonexistent. With that said, we will need to look towards the future, how to continue developing and applying our expertise to events when the situation returns to some level of normalcy. Inevitably, scheduling face to face meetings through virtual technology, thus creating any new opportunities, and researching unique developments in the event industry will become the new norm.

For now, we have chosen to reach out to past clients, checking in on their health and well-being in such troubling times.

What do you see as the corporate event industry’s greatest challenge, currently?

The key challenge in the corporate world of events is maintaining their trust and loyalty. Implementing and enhancing corporate vision comes to mind. Our understanding of what a company needs is crucial so their events represent them, enhanced with branding and complimenting their business practice.

MB Events does exactly that…Events! Our “raison d’être” is we get things done!

What is your favorite city for events and why?

Montreal is and always will be a vibrant city for events. Incorporating the Québec Joie de Vivre, using a mix of French & English, integrating traditional and modern elements is key since Montreal is so unique with extensive creative resources.

What are some practices to follow that will help you to create the Wow factor that attendees seek with a limited budget?

Any single event planner or company hired to plan an event is spending client money so business experience, ethics, and privacy are essential. Marsha’s background and knowledge of understanding people are what her clients look for. Just using technology today, isn’t the complete answer. All factors play a role in developing a wow factor, based on what the event might be. People need to be able to speak and communicate with each other which is Marsha’s best attribute. With this trust, she can create any wow factor big or small.

How do you measure the success of an event?

Our success is not based only on design, but about assessing the client, their needs, and gaining their trust.

We try to develop a high rate of success for each event. Based on new and repeat clients, both private & corporate, we are able to provide this trust and exclusivity, thus developing great events. What influences one event, might not be applicable nor effective for another.

A successful event begins with the relationship from the outset, allowing us to develop a compelling statement related to their event. Working with select industry colleagues, we develop as a team including the client to reach their goals.

Thank you notes, post-event, are always gratifying and those testimonials have great personal meaning: “Level-headed, calm under pressure, supremely creative, a keen eye for the bigger picture and all the little details, Marsha you leave no stone unturned in your quest to plan, manage and stage the perfect event” – Written by S. Kussner, Montreal.

Marsha Brumer
Author: Marsha Brumer

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