What theme would you choose for the Met Gala?

What theme would you choose for the Met Gala?
For fun, we asked event professionals what the Met Gala would look like if they could choose the theme. We received 3 very different answers, but each is worthy of consideration!

Our favorite costume designer in American costume history is Edith Head, so that is the theme.

Each year, the Met Gala has a new and exciting theme.  Our favorite costume designer in American costume history is Edith Head, so that is the theme we will pretend to work with to answer this question. 

As a theme of Edith Head: Ode to Old Hollywood, here is the menu we would create and the place setting design goal.  We envision the design as a throwback to when Edith Head enlisted the help of Givenchy to create costumes for the classic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and  “the little black dress” was born. 

Black linen tablecloths and napkins accented with pops of gold would really pull off this look. Tiffany blue gift boxes containing individually wrapped chocolate-covered strawberries would be a nice touch at each place setting. Old Hollywood conjures up imagery of masculine and well-dressed actors and glamorous starlets dining on true classic Americana cuisine.


The first course would be served as a fresh garden salad followed by the main course consisting of grilled ribeye steak, potatoes and green bean provincial. Finally, we would serve our old-fashioned ice cream sundaes for dessert in what else….Mad Men-style martini glasses, of course! 


For a fundraiser it’s very important that the guests perceive value in what they are served based on what they paid for the ticket, so that they are enticed to come back year after year. We can’t use the most expensive ingredients but with creativity the chefs can produce 5-star food on a budget that will thrill the guests,” says Chef Serge Krikorian, Co-Owner of Vibrant Occasions Catering.


Serge Krikorian

Serge and Mary Krikorian


Vibrant Occasions Catering, Benton, AR

The theme of my Met Gala event would be hunting and gathering, as in” Survival and Adaptation”.

The theme of my Met Gala event would be hunting and gathering, as in” Survival and Adaptation”.  I think this would be appropriate given the last year and a half that the world has experienced.  It makes you wonder if we are now in the ’new normal’, and will life ever be the way it was.  Regardless of what your work is, we have all had to adapt to survive, and it has been challenging.  How we present ourselves in this new world can be different, but interesting and creative as well.


The scenery would be lush with plants and trees and water features. The predominant colors would be greens and browns, accented with metallics and lots of jewels, of course.


There would be as much ‘wildlife’ as possible, such as birds and mammals, perhaps out of necessity on display but still very much part of the backdrop.


The fashion would be exceptional, think Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Gucci, Balmain, Vuitton, Chanel in all of their wonder. Because the Gala is held in the fall, there would be lots of leather, feathers, fur, boots and hats.


The menu would feature as much organic, regenerative farming foods as possible.  Whole foods such as grains, lots of colorful vegetable dishes, and game meats such as pheasant, bison, and elk, as well as sustainably sourced fish.


It would be a wonderful event, one that I would surely want to attend!

Rene Kraus

Owner/Chief Event Officer

Agnes Verano Weddings & Events, Big Sky, Montana

My MET Gala Fundraising event would be called: Culture

I’d want guests to showcase their beautiful cultures, or what culture means to them. This would be a unique way to bring people together, and highlight the beauty of what makes us all human.
The menu would be a 20 course tasting menu of food items of different cultures from the west to the east side of the world. We would also have the guests experience some of the food with blindfolds on. This would help them truly taste the food with no bias (because they wouldn’t see it prior to eating it).
This would show guests that when they remain neutral when meeting a person that is different from them, they can be surprised beyond their wildest dreams. 

Alicia Jenelle

Director of Events

Alicia Jenelle Events, Toronto, Ontario