What would you say to a potential client who is uncertain about hiring an event planner?

What would you say to a potential client who is uncertain about hiring an event planner?
Some people believe hiring an event planner might be too expensive and eat up their budget. We reached out to Event Professionals to find out what their response would be to a potential client with those concerns.

I saved a client $40,000 with a simple quote review - THAT is why a planner is worth it

Hiring an event professional will save you time, energy, a whole lot of stress and money.

From my perspective, I design experiences that are guaranteed to exceed your, and your attendees, expectations AND accomplish your business goals. I know where to spend and where to pull back. I have a rolodex of incredible suppliers who help me bring any vision to life seamlessly – and I make it happen within budget.

When a prospect is questioning whether it’s truly worth hiring me, I find examples always work best. Recently, one of my clients was trying to bring the management of their events in-house since a new employee showed interest in running them. I received an email asking whether I could review a quote they’d received for a custom build they thought seemed too high but didn’t know why. I happily accepted and was shocked by what they had been quoted!

I sent back a very long list of all of the costs that didn’t make sense, highlighted where they were being double charged, made recommendations for how they could get costs down and offered to jump on the phone with them to talk to the vendor. They declined the offer for me to jump on the call but informed me afterwards that they were able to get the quote reduced by $40,000 based on the list I provided.

While this is great, if I were on the phone, I would have saved them 3x that. Here’s the thing, you only know what you know. What I knew was that my client would not have understood any justification the vendor explained as to why they’d charged each line item, which is why I offered to jump on the call. Hilariously, to have me manage the entire project end-to-end would have cost them the amount they saved. Imagine the ROI I could have gotten with that one phone call alone!

Melissa Park

Melissa Park

Global Event Producer

Melissa Park Events,

I would say don't take my word for it, read the reviews

I would say don’t take my word for it, read the reviews. A recent client wrote” When we started planning our wedding I didn’t even know what a wedding coordinator did or if we really needed one, but wow – working with Heather was one of the very best decisions we made! Heather kept us organized and best of all she kept us CALM.  So many people at the wedding said “You both look so happy and relaxed! I knew everything was being taken care of from the ceremony space and possible rain, to the table decorations and layout, to gathering gifts and items at the end of the night.  Heather thinks of everything! If you want a wedding YOU can enjoy and truly feel relaxed about, I’d HIGHLY recommend Bowtied with Love.”

I had another client in 2019 who’s future in-law told the bride that she didn’t need my help, that they would help her. I made a deal with the bride that I would provide day-of coordination for her wedding and then she could decide what my services were worth. She ended up paying me more than what my fee was at the time and the in-laws must have thanked me a dozen times that day.

If hired at the right time an event planner can even save you some time and money because they know who to contact to find what you need. People often underestimate the time that it takes and all of the details that go into planning an event.

Heather MacArthur

Heather MacArthur


Bowtied With Love,

$15,000 SAVED

$15,000 SAVED.  Yep, that’s right we were able to save our client $15,000 on their venue bill because we:

1. Kept track of all communication.

2. Had communication in writing between us and the hotel (and it’s AV vendor).

3. We have a team that adds in specific language to our hotel contracts and negotiations that safeguard our clients vs the contract ONLY being in the best interest of the hotel. Contracts are in place for when things go sideways and you hope you never have to enforce them but thankfully we were covered contractually. That saving alone nearly paid for our services to the client.

On top of that, since we specialize in Sales and Enrollment events we include the strategy to not only make the event powerful, experiential but ALSO profitable. Our client was able to walk away with not only filling their year long program (saving them time and energy to not have to constantly be in sales conversations and doing launch, after launch, after launch) but also made multiple 6 figures in just 3 days. Earning well over 25 times the investment it was to work with us. Now the client simply needs to lean into delivering upon their program and getting their clients crazy, awesome results.

So if you are a Coach, Speaker, Expert looking to host an event of 50 people or 4000 people we highly recommend you stay in your genius zone, do what you do best and hire a team like Grace And Ease Productions, Inc. to have your back and handle all the behind the scenes details. For more information simply visit us at www.GraceAndEaseProductions.com or on any social media platform.

Shay Wheat

Shay Wheat

Owner & Certified Event Producer™

Grace And Ease Productions, Inc, Sacramento, CA

Price Isn't A Reason To Not Hire An Event Planner

I’d start the conversation off by asking the potential client what their priorities are for the event. Often times people underestimate what their event actually costs because they aren’t doing it like an experienced Event Planner is. If a person is only focused on the fee and not the benefits the fee provides, then for me it may not be worth moving forward with the potential client.

Some clients may list 10 things they want, but when you ask what the purpose behind each thing is, they realize some of those things aren’t as important thus making hiring a planner more possible. Any vendor you hire is like buying a pair of jeans. The first thing you look at is the price tag. Yes these jeans may cost you $500 but compared to the $49 dollar jeans you bought, which one do you think will last the longest? Have the better material? Made by hand? It’s never just about the price but the quality you receive, the level of experience and expertise that comes with the planner, their resources, relationships, and a slew of other things. Those $49 dollar jeans are going to be replaced again and again because they are made from cheaper material and have less quality control than the $500.

We as Event Planners see the big picture and know that we are here to protect our clients and that includes their pockets. We juggle budgets all the time and in many cases are called miracle workers. The flip side to this is many clients may have a lot they want to include in their budget with all good reasons. They are fearful of paying for what they believe is expensive. If their budget is $40,000 for an event, paying a planner $15,000 may not make sense. I totally get and respect that. In this case, you have to find an Event Planner that fits in the budget while also understanding that that person may not offer you the best value.

It’s a level of compromise that has to happen because no one wants to lower their rate while providing the same level of service that comes at a higher fee.

Andrew Roby

Andrew Roby

Event Storyteller

Andrew Roby Events, Washington, D.C.

Let us do all your coordinating, you just worry about saying "I do!"

Hiring an event planner will benefit your wedding process in many ways! Not only do we assist with aiding the stress of planning your big day, but we help you find the best vendors who match your style and taste to make your special day exactly as you envisioned. Although some may be hesitant, wondering “Is this expense worth including in our budget?” While deciding, you will want to consider that not only do we find and have connections to the best rentals, decorators, venues, florists, etc. to suit your needs, we will do our best to find you the best prices available that stay within your budget. You don’t have to spend that extra time worrying about costs, research, or calling vendor after vendor.

Here at Apropos Creations we juggle the roles of coordinating, budgeting, and planning so you can relax and enjoy the months leading up to your wedding. Let us do all your coordinating, you just worry about saying “I do!”

Jo Ann Grant


Apropos Creations, Chandler, AZ

An event planner is certainly an investment in the success of your event, and your business

Since the market crash of 2008, we’ve seen event planning departments eliminated, budgets slashed, and tasks being outsourced to other departments like HR, Marketing, Operations and Admin.

An event planner is certainly an investment in the success of your event, and your business. An event planner is an extension of your team, who has expertise and connections within the events industry. It is not only these elements, but the network, that you are investing in. Rather than paying a member of your staff to spend time searching the internet for the best vendors, learn the latest event technology, and develop the relationships needed to make you look good and save you money, hiring an event planner gives you peace of mind that these items are being taken care of by someone who knows the industry.

Look – the truth of the matter is, you can immediately tell when an event was put on by someone who is unfamiliar with the industry, the process, or the  potential pitfalls. Event planners are an investment up front that can save you time, money, and the embarrassment of putting on a less-than-stellar event. We wouldn’t hire someone who has never worked in a kitchen to prepare a gourmet meal; we wouldn’t let an inexperienced mechanic work on our vehicles. When you want to leave a great impression, investing in the foundation of your event is a great way to be successful.

Beth Lawrence


Beth Lawrence Meetings & Events, Philadelphia, PA

Hiring a professional will get you the best results!

Hiring an event planner will help you get the best venue and or vendors for your event, they will guide you from start to finish and connect you with the best vendors to bring your event to life in a seamless and stress free way! Hiring an event planner allows you to connect with a professional who can learn the most about your event goals and bring them to life at your budget in the best way! A professional event planner can help educate you in all of the details that are needed to bring your event to life, and work with you to make it happen!

Planning an event on your own will open you up to many possible challenges and roadblocks, that you would not be aware of, since you are not a professional event planner. Event planners live and breathe events and can guide you through it all and in the end are your most valuable vendor.

Jove Meyer

Jove Meyer

Owner | Creative Director

Jove Meyer Events, Brooklyn, NY

When in doubt Hire out!

One of the main reasons to hire an event planner is for peace of mind and for our vendor team. I know what vendors to call and how to reach them fast. My vendors continue to come through for me and usually go above and beyond. Often my vendors are booked solid but will squeeze me in (as an event planner).

I also proof all the contracts and know what should and should not be in there. I know how to get the best deals and where to shop for party items. Plus my wholesale account at many party supply stores provides a hefty discount to the client vs them paying full price.

BUT….The number one reason is hire an event planner is so that you may have fun at your party and not have to stress about the little details. Leave that up to us so you can have a memorable event!

Jessie Williams

Jessie Williams

Founder and Lead Planner

WE Events, Chicago, IL

Event Planners are your insurance policy!!

To be honest, you cannot afford NOT to hire a planner. We offer valuable insight into the event planning process and how to navigate the entire event. We are your eyes and ears on the wedding day and we are there to make sure that everything you have contracted for has been secured and in place. We act as your confidante, your negotiator, your troubleshooter and your therapist. You should not even attempt to host an event without someone who acts as your General contractor to help oversee the entire team that has been put together.

An Event planner is the best investment you can ever spend on your wedding. We are your insurance policy that makes sure that everything goes off without a hitch. But stuff happens and a great planner handles everything that comes up and never ever misses a beat. We are the ones who are dealing with the stress to allow you to relax and enjoy your wedding. We never ever want family members to step away from the party and should be completely engaged.

JoAnn Gregoli


Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli, New York City, NY

"That age old question....."

If anyone asked me what question I get asked the most as an event planner (besides the question what does an event planner do?) it is, “isn’t hiring you too expensive and you take away money from my budget” My short answer is, “can you really afford NOT to hire an event planner”.

With the rise of DIY over the last decades, 2 years of pandemic and a constant stream of changing technology, people – now more than ever think they don’t need to spend the money on an event planner. Hiring an event planner is the best thing for your budget. We are watchdogs, we are experienced, we are here for YOU. Yes you can hire a caterer, a DJ , an AV company, but their main focus is on the food, the music, the lighting – not you, not the overall experience. Only a planner has the experience to know how much that appetizer should cost, or linens, lighting, guest speaker. We watch every step. We watch to make sure that your AV company doesn’t change the color of the entire room so your beautiful linen now looks gray. We watch that your catering company doesn’t choose items that will add 30 minutes to your dinner time and change your entire program.

If it comes down to just dollars and cents then I ask my client to keep 2 budgets. 1 with pricing from vendors with and without working with a planner. The final answer after all of this is simple……. How much of a cost is it for your peace of mind? Because that is what we provide….

David Twigger

David Twigger

Creative Director/Founder

Vermilion Events, Phoenix, AZ

An event professional saves the most precious asset - time

Top reasons to hire an event professional:

1. Time Management: An event professional is to save the most precious asset – time. An event professional can save a client time by managing the core aspects of the event such as designing the event plan, liaising with vendors and sponsors, soliciting quotes, managing event technology, promoting the event, managing registration, onsite execution team, and post-event metrics.

2. Saving Money: Event professionals can help you save significant amounts of money through their extensive industry network, reliable partnerships they have made, and exclusive discounts they may have access to.

3. Seamless Organization & Industry Expertise: Professional event planners are highly organized – checklists and to-do lists are in their DNA. Event professionals always have a solid Plan A, B, C, and D ready in case of unexpected circumstances such as a pandemic, weather events, etc. An event professional stays on top of trends and technology to enhance an attendees experience.

4. Reduce Stress: Event planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. The event professional can take over all the stress involved in the process of planning an event. Managing time, budgets, deadlines, suppliers, sponsors, stakeholders, attendees, and travel bans can all contribute to a stressful experience. Let us be the ones who stress about your event.

5. Industry Expertise: An event professional’s expertise is to bring people together and design experiences that are relevant, powerful, inspiring and will contribute value to the attendee’s professional and personal experience.

Juliane Farinazzo

Juliane Farinazzo

Co-Founder | Event Strategist

Bijou Events, Calgary, AB, Canada

You were the best decision we made through this whole process

Time and time again my reviews say, “Rebecca was the best decision we made in hiring for our vendor team.” You don’t get reviews like that by being a vendor who just eats up the budget and doesn’t provide any worth. Someone ends up doing my job on wedding day if it isn’t me. The amount of work I put into a single wedding is minimum 40 hours up to ~120 hours. This lands on someone less capable, less connected and less experienced – typically a family member or bridesmaid. It’s not to say they don’t mean well and it’s always kind when someone offers to help. But allowing the questions, details and work to fall on the shoulders of an experienced planner is worth all the relief in the world knowing a capable person is going to allow you to rest on your wedding day. The amount of times couples say, “I just got to enjoy my wedding and be truly present” is immeasurable and it’s hard to justify what we do to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet.

In a way, hiring a wedding planner does take an immense amount of trust. We’re not a a tangible product, we’re a service. Services aren’t viewed at the same way products are. You can’t touch and feel us, but you will experience the feeling and relief of having us. It’s sometimes hard for couples to justify the cost of a service when they’re not getting a “product” out it. I am here to say we are producing the biggest, most important day of your lives. If we are doing our job right, we are the unsung heroes of every amazing wedding day.

An experienced planner will skillfully guide you through the planning process taking as much stress off your shoulders as possible. Leading up to wedding day will be multiple checkins, checklists & communication to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. On wedding day you just get to show up knowing that your planner has curated a vendor team that will allow you to actually take in all the work you’ve done for the past year and be present in the moment. A feeling and experience that can never be duplicated or replaced.

You’ve got one shot to do this right. Hire a planner who can guide you through and relieve your anxiety. You will be so glad you did!

Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant

Owner/Lead Planner

New Creations Weddings, Kirkland, WA

The difference is that Meeting/Event planners know their industry and all tricks of their trade

For the amount of times I am told that “our services are expensive” I have tripled the amount of times I get to be told: “I should have hired you”. By now I would be a billionaire….

Having said this, what people don’t realize – yes it’s true everybody can organize an event… really anybody & everybody can – HOWEVER, how efficient are you with all that? Did you think of alllll the details? Or how much of their own time is taken/used to do it all??

The difference is that Meeting/Event planners know their industry and all tricks of their trade…. Regular folk don’t. And that’s what gets them in deep dodo… don’t be fooled people; there are many unforeseen things that come up and like any smart professional you Hire a professional to do their thing.

Let’s face it in any industry this is why you hire a professional to do the work seamlessly and efficiently. Would you go to a dentist for open heart surgery? They are both Doctors? The point is we planners know how to deal with situations that come up.. Mr/Mrs Everyone does not. A professional can handle that because it is their JOB to (it’s not a hobby).

The other thing that people need to calculate is their time … the overall cost of their time. If they don’t care then do not hire us…. you do not need us…. However, if the client’s time is better used to do their own work (focus on their own thing) then by all means your money is well spent on a Meeting/Event Professional.

Daniela Caputo

Daniela Caputo


Montreal Event Planner - Daniela Caputo Event Management, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hire a planner...its worth your sanity!

You work a full time job and so does your fiancé so when will either of you find the time and have the patience to plan a wedding with all that’s going on? Invest in a planner to assist with all of your wedding planning needs and wants. We can assist with securing the perfect venue, sourcing the best vendors, curating a vision that aligns with you both and most of all keep you as stress free as possible! We work with couples to blend their individuality into a day filled with love.

“kiss” stands for keeping it simple silly…and that’s exactly what we do…it’s our mantra and the process used to insure a successful and stress-free wedding. We have planned and coordinated over 100 weddings and can assist with everything from “will you?” to “I do!!”

Melissa Fife

Melissa Fife


Events By Missy and Co, Danbury, CT

Not a luxury, a necessity

Hiring a wedding planner is well worth. Without a wedding planner you can ruin your own relationship and self care. A wedding planner can help bring your vision to life and make sure all your expectations are successfully achieved. They can handle all the details that you don’t even consider can happen or go wrong and literally save your life. It’s not just having a stress reliever, it’s really having someone by your side who knows the market and can take responsibility off your plate. It’s the first time you are in the spotlight and couples have to enjoy the wedding journey. Counting on an experienced professional who can manage your big day is priceless. A wedding is an emotionally charged event with lots of responsibilities so you need to delegate and live the experience.

Jossy Quezada

Jossy Quezada

Wedding & Event Planner

Jossy Quezada Wedding Planner, Lima, Peru

When I say ‘I do’ to being your coordinator, I really mean: I’m all in

As a wedding coordinator, I take the responsibility of coordinating your day very seriously. You are allowing me into a very personal experience and trusting me to deliver the goods and services you have contracted, the way you envisioned them to be. I make it a point with all my brides and grooms to establish a relationship of trust by responding to emails, calls and texts as soon as possible. I respect how emotional and personal this experience is, so I never make my couples wait for a response from me. I see through on the promises and commitments I make, no matter what is happening in and around my personal life. If I commit to my couple, then I’m there. Through thick and thin.

Although I advertise and promote “Day of Wedding Coordination Services” it’s so much more than just that one day. Every wedding I plan takes approximately 40 hours of work. This includes meeting clients, traveling, correspondence, text messages, itinerary drafting, emails to vendors, rehearsal attendance and being present all day on the wedding day. That means, on top of my full-time job, being a mom, a wife, a friend, I’m promising my clients 40 hours of my time dedicated to their wedding day.

So when I say ‘I do’ to being your day of coordinator, I really mean I’m all in. Head to toe you have my attention for six weeks leading up to your wedding day. I will be your advocate; I will be your sounding board; your brainstorming session; your researcher; your facilitator; your negotiator; your voice of reason; your thought process; your decision maker; your friend and coordinator. It’s not easy, but I love it and I wouldn’t change it. I love and appreciate all my clients and at the end of it all, they see how hard I work, and I am so appreciative of their kind words and testimonials to share with all of you.

Let go of your stress and call us today to start planning.

Silvana Marshall Photography

Lisa Resendes

Owner | Principle Coordinator

Sposini Weddings, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

What's less expensive? An Attorney or Event Planner?

The internet is a resource that gives a false sense of authority to amateur event planners as it often illuminates the glamorous end result, rather than focusing on key production, liability and safety aspects. Because an Event Professional provides an intangible service, if the client does not see the value of your time and expertise in the initial proposal or conversation, it’s often best to respectfully walk away.

As much as the revenue may be needed, it’s demeaning to beg for respect and professionally detrimental to detail your proprietary concepts and processes, as they become vulnerable for replication. And if reluctantly hired, the Event Planner will most likely encounter additional authoritative roadblocks throughout the entire planning process. Therefore, sometimes we have to let clients make that initial mistake, so when they call back, it’s a different kind of response; a different kind of respect. They realize that when it looked easy, it’s because we made it look easy, not because it is easy.

Christy Bareijsza

Christy Bareijsza

Creative Director

Events By Red Carpet, New York City, NY

Budgeting experience & vendor relationships make all the difference

1. Budgeting. More times than not, your proposed budget doesn’t account for hidden expenses (early check-in, unexpected fees & taxes, venue cleaning fees) that a professional planner would know to look out for. An event company is familiar with all the unexpected things that can alter your budget during the planning phase. At VIBE, for instance, we have organized over 1,350 events ranging from 60 to over 500 people giving us a lot of experience working with budgets in a variety of event formats & settings.

2. Vendor relationships. In the post-COVID era, event planning is happening on an even shorter timeline than previously. So when time is of the essence, outsourcing planning to a professional who already has established vendor (and venue) relationships is a better use of time than attempting to start from scratch and “hope” that you can get the event experience you want. Plus, a pro knows what to expect in those contracts and can negotiate more efficiently, which could end up saving you money in the long run or at the very least allowing you to reallocate budget to other areas that would make for a more engaging experience for attendees.

Valerie Bihet


VIBE, Miami, FL

An Absolute Necessity

As the owner of an event-planning company, I understand that there is no way in which my answer to this can be complete un-biased. HOWEVER, I truly do not understand how people throw events without a planner. For each and every event my company takes on, myself and my team have a *full* day of work on the event date. We are non-stop running around, making sure details are in place, table numbers are correct, the MC knows what to announce next, the kitchen is ready for salads to come out, and countless other aspects are accounted for. If you don’t hire a planner, who is the one doing that? It’s YOU (and your team / friends / family members).

You should be able to enjoy your event that you are hosting and fully live in the moment, without worrying about the backstage logistics. Hiring an event planner ensures this is possible. To me, that peace of mind and ease of your day is priceless.

Brooke Weidenfeld

Founder | Lead Planner

Sunbursts & Stardust, Philadelphia, PA

You can’t afford not to!

In this market – mass uncertainty, rising costs, tighter budgets, etc. – you can no longer afford not to hire the professionals! The cost of hiring an event professional will save you costly missteps and ensure that your event is meticulously planned, the first time.

Events are complex, there are lots of little details, multiple stakeholders, vested interests and money on the line. You need a professional to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Carly Silberstein

Carly Silberstein


Redstone Agency, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We Are Worth Our Weight In Gold

When deciding to hire an event planner, the decision should be easy, but most think they can do it on their own. That is where the client gets in trouble. When hiring an event planner, we save the client time and money. We have so many vendor partners that help us shine throughout the planning process. We know where to spend and know where to help cut your expenses to stay within the budget. We save the client time; what someone thinks they can try and accomplish while holding a full-time job is not the easiest. We know what steps to take and how to achieve the best bang for your buck.

All in all, we are worth our weight in gold. Hire us; we will make you feel like a guest at your own event!

Marisa Ferrell

Marisa Ferrell


So Eventful, Healdsburg, CA

You can't afford to NOT hire a planner!

Of course hiring a planner is an expense. But 95% of the time, my clients find that expense is more than offset by the money a planner saves you in the long run. Understanding the value of renting vs buying, knowing what you really need and where to spend your money to make your vision come true, as well as knowing what areas to cut back on– a good planner will save you money in the long run as well as stress and time. It’s more than worth the investment in your planning journey!

Jessica English

Jessica English

Event Planner

Red Letter Event Planning, Coeur d'Alene, ID

More Than Worth the Investment

The uncertainty surrounding hiring any professional is definitely understandable. You want to make sure that the investment you make will be worth it. When it comes to hiring an event professional, I share with potential clients that my goal is always to add value – alleviating their workload, contributing specific expertise that they may not have on their team/within their organization, and saving them money (more than they invest in my services, in most cases) are all big reasons to go with a pro!

Heather Herrig

President/Chief Event Strategist

Every Last Detail, Atlanta, GA

You pay for value

Your time is valuable and that alone is worth hiring a full service event professional to take the reins of the planning process. Aside from our expert guidance and tailored recommendations we also act as your advocate when family or vendor issues come into play. In addition, our knowledge of events can often save money in areas that you may not realize.

Francesca Follmer

Francesca DiSalvo Follmer


Pure Luxe Bride, Charleston, SC

The true cost of handling an event in-house may be costly in more ways than one

Event planners are often looked at as a “luxury item”. By this, I mean that they are only hired when times are good and finances permit. If an event can be handled in-house by the company office manager or HR expert, often times they are. But the true cost of handling an event in-house may be costly in more ways than one.

In this blog post I wrote a few years back, I raised some questions to consider before making the decision to plan an event in-house or outsource to an external planner and listed the advantages and benefits of hiring an event planner.  Read the full blog post here:


Aidan Henry

Owner & Creative Director

Brink Events, Victoria, BC