Creativity does not have to break the bank nor does it have to create over the top unnecessary waste.

Zohe Felici


Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Award-Winning Event Planning

When you hire Felici Events, it’s as if gravity disappears – the weight of the world lifts from your shoulders.

When you hire an event planner you hire a designer, money manager, economic advisor, facilitator, mediator, organizer, producer, and artist. We are the director of the fairytale and handle the setting, props, and casting. We hold hands, coax vendors, organize the decorators, offer advice, negotiate contracts, and keep records – track data.

How long has your company been producing events? What is your main focus?

Since 2010, my main focus is events with purpose, be it fundraisers or local festivals. I love promoting and tying in marketing + growth to events.

What do you enjoy most about your role in corporate event planning?

The creativity it allows me to exude. I am a multi-cultural person, having been born in Italy, moved around the world + then to the states when I was in high school. I love bringing the world to events’ fingertips thru design, decor, entertainment, and food.

How do you keep up with the constant change in the industry?

I attend festivals and concerts – they seem to have the most ‘hip gotta have it’ trends in food and beverage. I take what’s a ‘formula’ and create my own touch with it. I create trends and see how I can elevate even the simplest of ideas.

How do you mix the current trends with the traditional to create a meeting that is engaging and informative?

I believe in auditory and interactive experiences. These are what keep people engaged and make events memorable. Creative, out of the box approach to all the senses…

Do you have any advice for a company having a hard time choosing a theme? Is a theme necessary?

Because I focus mostly on non-profits + galas, yes, a theme will bring excitement and buzz to the event. It is easier to have marketing streamlined for an event by tying in a theme to it. I think attendees really appreciate that too, especially if it is an event you do year after year.

What are some ways to personalize a corporate event?

I love to personalize based on the story of the corporation. For example, I did a Roast for the Founder + CEO of a local development + construction company. We created so many intriguing points of interest including Tonka trucks as centerpiece holders, colors of their 60th logo into the design, blueprints as tabletops, and of course a green screen photo op filled with construction gear for people to use in their picture. It was a huge hit!

What do you see as the corporate event industry’s greatest challenge, currently?

Right now, with COVID, are creative ways to keep employees engaged and morale high. This can be done easily and intently and NEEDS to be done for those companies that want to keep moving forward in their industry.

Also, for non-profits, creative virtual ways to raise funds and keep donors engaged and recognized.

How do you leverage event technology and what would you consider the biggest game-changer?

Technology is huge, especially during COVID 19. Technology can be incorporated from a personalized, one-on-one advantage to a group experience which creates vivid experiences and images for years to come for the attendees.

I produced a technology only showcase for local event professionals to allow them to see creative ways to incorporate tech into their weddings + events. From messaging to wow factors to food stations using tech, the experience was amazing for all.

Have you used Gamification in your events? If yes, how was it received?

YES! For a fundraiser (Rally 4 Kids) we incorporated a soap derby into the cocktail hour which raised quite a bit of energy and money!

What is your favorite city for events and why?

Santa Barbara, because I live here <3

What are some practices to follow that will help you to create the Wow factor that attendees seek with a limited budget?

Two for one – I am a huge fan of that. Creating ONE memorable must have wow factor, rather than trying to disperse among a few.

Sustainability is a current movement that can be challenging for large events. What is your approach?

I come from a European background and education and my events have a theme of “entertain with a purpose”. Creativity does not have to break the bank nor does it have to create over the top unnecessary waste.

How do you measure the success of an event?

The feedback the client gets from their attendees + that they hire me over and over again for future events. We work cohesively together to outdo our last event. They trust me and my ideas and we elevate each other as we work together in the planning.

Zohe Felici
Author: Zohe Felici

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